I sing to experience freedom and love inside every crevice of my body - and to then gather it up and pour it out into the world. 

Elena Short Line.png

When I'm singing with a full orchestra,  it feels like I am flying in mid air. To date I haven't found another sensation like it.  It's the ultimate sense of freedom and expression of my heart through my body, pouring out into the audience and hall around me.

My parents tell me I fell in love with music at an early age.  My mom reminds me I was singing into hairbrushes from the time I could walk. I was blessed with a family who encourage me to explore music and figure out what I wanted to express through sound.  Since,I have traveled all over the world and sung in many halls and with many opera companies.  I have met some of the most interesting people and have learned about myself through all of my travels.  I have sung with some of the most brilliant, heart centered people - warriors on the same path of living their expression through art. Again - I have been blessed.

Recently I've transitioned into spinto soprano repertoire and am having a blast learning the soprano tricks I always envied. My goal in the music world is to express where I am at in life, show my heart fully and take on big risks.