"... a unique mix of badass, compassionate listener, and go-getter in one person."


The thing I love most about Elena is her ability to be gentle with you while moving action forward in a real, sometimes unexpected, way. She picked up on patterns of mine and implemented a variety of ways to get me more aware and then tiny steps to create change. And every step mattered - whether it be giving my best self in an audition I had prepared for or making time to catch up and get coffee with a friend - both were crucial to my well-being. She never made me feel like something wasn't possible - there was always some way to go after the things I had been sitting around "dreaming" about. She gave me concrete ways to go after them - all while being compassionate with myself. She has a unique mix of bad ass, compassionate listener, and go-getter in one person.

MARISA, New York


"...leaves you feeling courageous and empowered..."

From the instant we met Elena's warmth, wit and sharp intuition created a level of comfort and connection as she pushed me to have conversations I had never had at loud before.  She has an incredible gift for helping others connect with their internal thoughts, and she's incredibly talented when it comes to providing thoughtful support and guidance from the moment you meet her. She stimulates your mind and leaves you feeling courageous, empowered and ready to rock! After 60 minutes with Elena I felt more organized and energized than I could have imagined, and she leaves an impression that can't be forgotten. 

 NAWAL, New York


"Elena is a light."

I am grateful for her kind and encouraging spirit and for always being honest and deliberate with me. She has a unique ability to empower you to find and put into practice what's been in you all along. 

MEGAN, Washington DC


"...an excellent partner in your life journey..."

Prior to coaching with Elena, I felt a consistent external pressure to “succeed” and “accomplish”. It was an exhausting way to live and I never felt as though I was accomplishing what I truly wanted.  She helped me to determine what I really wanted in my life and helped me to find the courage within myself to focus all of my attention on fulfilling my dreams without numerous and time consuming contingency plans. Once out of my own way, I was able to take small and significant steps each day that have amounted to a substantial accomplishment over the last few months. Elena is intuitive to your needs and honest with her words. She can compassionately praise your hard work and bring you back to task if you begin to stray. She is an excellent partner in your life journey and is clearly someone who practices what she teaches. Unafraid of the tough questions, she will be able to shepherd you through your process as you step into your own truth and happiness.  

SARAH, New York


"It is seeing the light through the fog, clarity finding, soul-searching BIG stuff. And it is so good."


There are some times in life when you find yourself in need of the support, guidance and strength of others to help you rediscover and rekindle your own. We know the truth - that is that power is always in us - it’s just that sometimes we get lost along the way. And of course we do, because life is tricky and we are not always prepared or practiced in the ways to best sail through unchartered waters…or maybe we are just scared to go it alone. I was in a place like this when Elena and I began to work together: overwhelmed and unclear but wanting and knowing I needed to work on myself and my habits, thoughts, goals, communication and actions.  The work she does is as gentle as it is intense.  She is not just an ear, not just a friend who will tell you everything will be ok, she is calm, unrelenting water that will powerfully and clearly reflect back to you your own image, strength, potential and capabilities while not letting you look away.  Her techniques that stem from support are confronting as she asks you the hard questions, observes the hard facts and goes the hard way of self-exploration and goal setting with you.  But this is not therapy or some moment of Zen introspection - it is a challenge, made in a safe space, to find your own way making your life the way you desire and learning about yourself through that process. It is making a path through the forest, seeing light through the fog, clarity finding, soul-searching BIG stuff.  And it is so good.  Elena’s work supports you to find your own choices and truth in your experience. We are the only ones who can ever make our lives the way we want them to be after all. We are the only ones and we are capable. Thank you for everything dear one.  

HANNAH, New York


"Elena really helped me to focus in and clarify some blockages that were negatively impacting my life, and advised some strategies to overcome them."

ALEX, New York


"It’s real, raw, soul-stimulating work."

This work is life changing. It’s real, raw, soul-stimulating work. When I first started working with Elena, there were a few parts of my life where I was seeking positive change - most notably, my relationship with myself. I have always prided myself on being self-aware, but I had no idea how much I had to learn about myself until I embarked on this journey with Elena. I discovered how much I let fear hold me back from being the person I wanted to be and allowed it to drive nearly every decision in my life. Elena is nothing short of inspirational. She approaches this work with passion and love, and allows her beautiful spirit to shine through every single session. She challenged me to take a step back from the life I was living and ask myself, “What do I want? Who do I want to be?”, then she dared me to be THAT person-  to show up every single day and live the life I always wanted to live. She held me accountable for my progress and awakened me to my own strength, beauty, and passion. Most importantly, she empowered me to be the creator of my own life. The lessons and tools I learned from Elena have helped me to continue to make progress on my own. I see the world differently now. Even on the hard days, the emotional days, the frustrating days, I view every single day as a new opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and be the person I want to be.

KELLEY,  Washington D.C


"Windows blew open for me."

Elena is a truly remarkable coach - humorous, warm, strong, empathetic, and super clear. She listens at multiple levels and responds on even more of them;  I found her combination of discussions, insightful questions, specific exercises, and assigned weekly practices incredibly helpful. Windows blew open for me. Truthful self awareness, embracing possibility and following through with action all added up to a great shift for me, with remarkable professional expansion, significant help with parenting, and most of all, somehow making it feel lighter to be me. I have deep admiration for Elena's rich offerings as a life coach.

KATIE, Connecticut