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What's stopping you from your dream? Let's find out together.


...You've been totally successful in your career, and now you feel like you've somehow plateaued. 

...Creating that success often times meant coming from your "head" more than from your "heart".

...And now you're craving a deeper, stronger connection to your purpose. 

...Most of all, you're ready to up your game in your leadership and your life. 

Hey, I'm Elena.


As a coach my job is to hold up a mirror and reflect what I see. Often times we don't know what is getting in our way or we just don't see any other possibilities  -only our current situation. My job is to take a look at who you are being and how that lines up with what you most want to create in your life.


And here's something I wholeheartedly believe:


What keeps us from our dreams is often a lack of awareness around who we are being right now and who we want to be in the future. Many times we don't take the steps needed to actually bring that delicious vision to life. Are you ready to take a look at who you're being and who you want to be?